Pocket Sketchbook Pro 3.2.2


Simple, Easy-to-use, High performance! This is the Good Balance painter!

Simple and easy painter. But it has many useful function!

It can draw on the touch panel like drawing the picture in the sketchbook with the pen and the picture be drawn on the screen freely by touching by the finger.

*Ability to use a photo as a canvas.
*Full support for high resolution.
*Twitter client calls, the drawings can be uploaded to Twitpic.
*Any color can fill a closed space.
*It is possible to transmit by appending the picture where it draws to mail.
*The switch of the function to move the position of the tip of a finger and the pen icon was enabled.
*The picture can be drawn on the canvas by tracing the screen by the finger.
*A part of the picture can be erased with the eraser.
*A small screen to project the whole of the canvas on was added.
*The operability with the track ball improved.
*"Undo" function that the drawing operation.
*"Redo" function that the drawing operation.
*"For left-handed" set function used easily also for left-handed.
*It corresponds automatically even if the main body is turned around during drawing.
*The size where it can draw is a size that is bigger than the touch panel.
*The movement and the zoom of the drawing place in real time synchronize with the movement of the finger.
*The drawn picture is automatically preserved in a built-in memory without operating it.
*As for the number of sheets that can be preserved, even the limit of the memory is possible even by pieces how many.

If you use this app, your Android becomes more convenient!

Last Updated:2011-09-18 21:50:14
File size:3MB
OS:Android 1.6 and up